Family Values: You Are Never Too Young To Learn How To Dream

Family Values: You Are Never Too Young To Learn How To Dream

What does a Candle Company and dreaming have in common? Well it all starts with the simple willingness to dream. Sit Back, Light A Carole's Candle, Relax, and Get Ready To Dream your life forward. 

Behind every great success story lies a dream. Oftentimes this dream is too big to house within within ourselves, which can can cause periods of elation, or even fears of self doubt, especially when we finally open ourselves up for that dream to become a reality. We dream, and some of us dare to dream big. However, there is much, much more behind our capacity to make those dreams become a reality. Once the dream it present, we must then nurture it into being through planning, hard work, and an unmovable faith that we are worthy of the dream when it presents itself as a reality.

Carole's Candles began in 1996, when Carole, our company's founder was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Looking for a way to escape the treacherous effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatments, she took to the countryside and found a small candle shop to buy a relaxing fragranced square pillar candle. At the moment of purchase, she also made the decision start a new hobby to give herself hope during those long days of recovery where work was all to futile. She decided to buy a candle mold, a slab of wax, a thread of candle wick, and a small vile of essential oil fragrance, so she could begin to make her own candles from home, escaping the hardships of breast cancer. Armed with her candle making supplies, she took to her kitchen stove, melted her first slab of candle wax on an open flame, and made her first square candle. A passion ignited, and this passion eventually formed the foundation behind our unique, scented pillar candles, and the fun loving company we keep as we dream & THiNK OuTSiDe ThE JAR! 

Carole's Candles was then only a local company staffed by her head candle maker, Tom (her son), who was then putting himself through college, her friends who would help her set up and sale at local farmer's markets, and her family, who filled in at times when she could not sale at local shows and events. While business was good, it soon took a turn for the worst, when Carole was diagnosed again with breast cancer, and had to put the business on hold while she underwent a second round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments to win her health back. 

Carole's Candles was down during this time, but not out. In 2006 her son, after having completed a Master's Degree, Tom, her son revamped the business locally in Stockton, California under the name Parrot Beach Candles. It was during this time, that we enlivened and enlightened the color pallet behind our chunk candle, which was based loosely on Tom's new hobby, tropical bird collecting. Still a family business, we focused locally, and dared not to dream too big. However, this would not remain the case for long.

In 2011 Carole's Candles again revamped itself. This time as a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of unique, hand-crafted, one of a kind, Made in the USA, scented pillar candles. Our philosophy is one of craft: Where creativity meets passion, an unique craft emerges, and it is our mantra to bring a mood setting, relaxing ambiance, needed for any person to heal from the days stresses, sit back, relax, unwind, and most importantly dare to dream their life forward. This helped Carole during her journey from becoming a breast cancer patient to becoming a breast cancer survivor, and stands as the driving philosophy I (Tom) have used to promote balance, wellbeing, and the realization of dreams in my life. 

Now that the secret is out, I ask again, what does a candle company and a dream have in common? Everything!

This week, I was able to spend time with my two sons on their summer vacation. In fact, today is my son Tommy's birthday, that we are happily celebrating at the Carole's Candles Shop. While formerly only a dream that I could yearn for, as I was not in charge of my own schedule only 3 years prior, it was something that I held on as I worked my corporate 9 to 5, or in my case evenings, weekends or anything else the boss told me was part of my employment contract. I toiled to get out of what Robert Kiyosaki called the Rat Race. How did I do it?

A little bit of daydreaming, planning, more planning, replanning, revisiting plans that did not work and replanning those, and a bunch of hard, hard work. I knew about the power of dreaming, but did not know how to make those dreams became a reality. Except, low and behold, The Secret presented itself not in my attempt to figure out how to make those dreams come true, but actually in the work of making them come true. Now I get to teach these same values to my two young children, who know through lived experience that dreaming is not a waste of time, that dreams can come true, and that through hard work, there is nothing that is not attainable during their lifetimes.

These are the lessons that stand at the forefront of the philosophy underlying our small, family owned candle company. Carole's Candles began by dreaming, planning, implementing that plan, and working hard. We know first hand that dreams can come true through these principles. With each and every candle that leaves our shop, we wish you the same blessings we have received during our journey. To health, happiness, wellbeing, peace, prosperity, a little bit of relaxing fun, & last, but not least, the ambiance needed to dream your dreams to become reality in each and every candle that leaves our shop.



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