Pillar's of Fire: Burning and Care for Your Carole's Candle

Pillar's of Fire: Burning and Care for Your Carole's Candle


At Carole's Candles, we take candle crafting seriously, and want you to have an enjoyable experience every time you light one of our unique candles. Our wax is made of a premium paraffin blend, scrumptious essential oil blends, and their burn time is approximately twelve hours per inch. With each Carole's Candle, you are guaranteed a long candle life, exquisite aromatherapy experience, and hours of ambiance needed to set the tone for relaxation, romance, or whatever mood you need to set for the occasion. However, as with any product, there is a degree of care that can prolong your candle's burn life. 

Did you know that Carole's Candles have memory? Sound absurd? Well it's not. The first time you burn a candle sets the tone for its life. From the first burn on, your candle will remember the amount of burn you used from the pooled wax that formed around the wick from the first burn on. This will set the tone for the diameter of the wax usage your candle will consume during the rest of its burn life. If you have a small diameter initially, your candle will follow this burn path towards its natural conclusion. This burn method is called tunneling, and while it will leave the outside of your unique, scented pillar candle somewhat intact, it will decrease the burn life of your product. 

To attain the most out of your unique, scented, jewel top, scented pillar candle, you should have about three to four hours to spare in order a larger radius burn diameter that will consume all the scrumptious aromatherapy scents. To Maximize the wax consumption of your candle, burn the top layer of the candle to the base of the jewels, which will give a good radius for future burn. While this will melt the wax jewels on top of the candle, the aromatherapy experience you have chosen will more than offset the loss of the wax jewels. Plus, there is always many more aromatherapy experiences and whimsical color palates to choose from to to accent any room within your home decor. 

While burn life is important, there is also a degree of care that can help prolong the life of your candle. Make sure to keep your wick trimmed to 1/4 of an inch. This will allow appropriate distances between the base of the flame and its fuel within the candle, and will help to decrease smoking within the wick. After trimming, simply light, relax, and enjoy. 

At Carole's Candles, we pride ourselves in our unique, handcrafted, Made in the USA, scented pillar candles. We care about relaxation, and we care about the experience you, our customer have with our products. Our company was built upon the need to find a relaxing past time to get away from the stress of chemotherapy and radiation our founder underwent during two bouts with breast cancer, and this philosophy has stayed with us in our commitment to you, our customers, to provide you with a relaxing experience that will set the mood and ambiance needed to unwind from the days stress. Know that each time you light one of our products, you are taking part not only in unwinding from your own stress, but support a cause to Find the Cure in our support with the American Cancer Society and other local cancer support groups. 



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