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Positive Colors: Feel the Energy

Positive Energy Creates... Happiness... Healing... Inner Peace
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Awaken Your Inner Passion Through The Gift of Light


Ignite Your Inner Passion with Carole's Candles

Rain Falls: Give the Gift of Freshness 4 Your Home Decor

Introducing Carole's Candles: Rain Falls. A Refreshing, Invigorating Scent that will add freshness to your home decor.

Unique Wedding Favors

Some Days are too Important to Leave to Chance. Unique Wedding Favors to Light Up Your Special Day.
Think Outside the Jar!

Candle Making Classes and Parties!!!


Children Love To Learn. Problem Is, They Love to Explore The World More. At Carole's Candles We Offer Fun Candle Parties and Classe, To Satisfy that Inner Child of Any Age.