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What's Behind Your Carole's Candle? The Benefits of Aromatherapy (Lavender)

Ever wonder what goes into your Carole's Candle?
The relaxing qualities of French Lavender have long been known. But did you know that your Luscious Lavender Carole's Candle & Bath Salt has been shown to have therapeutic effects for your Body, Mind, & Spirit. The unique ability lavender has to heal was first discovered by French Scientist René-Maurice Gattefossé. 
Lavender creates a physical and emotional experience that is relaxing, calming, and balancing. As a relaxant, lavender can help to promote overall mental and physical health by inducing calming states, which in turn can have an effect on your blood pressure, sleep problems (insomnia & hypersomnia), hypertension, stress, nervous tension, and other stress related problems associated with the hectic nature of our daily lives. 
Carole's Candles takes pride in each and every Luscious Lavender scented pillar candle and bath salt product that leaves our shop. Besides the uniquely relaxing, calming, and balancing effect lavender has on your overall emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, know that each and every Carole's Candles product you purchase is made with  love, quality ingredients, and are uniquely handcrafted in the USA. 
Simply Light, Relax, Bathe, and  Enjoy. 

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