Carole's Candles Brand Commitment

Carole’s Candles is a family owned and operated business that manufactures and distributes unique, quality, one of a kind, scented pillar candles and bath products to retail outlets throughout the United States. Our specialty product is the Jewel Top, scented pillar candle. Each candle is a unique expression of artistic craftsmanship, handmade in the USA, and is sure to accent any home decor. Our company’s motto speaks to our personal and our business philosophy: 

What Commitment does Your Brand Make?

Think Outside the Jar! Our company prides itself on artistic creativity, craftsmanship, and love for the products we make. Our goal is to provide you with a quality product that promotes Health, Balance, and Wellbeing. Our products, happily made with this goal in mind, are sure to promote inner balance, happy feelings, and overall well-being by setting an appropriate mood conducive for relaxation, unwinding, and letting go of the day’s stress . Light up one of our candles, sit back, relax, and enjoy, knowing that each candle or bath product you have bought is handmade with quality ingredients, care, and the creative love needed to set an ambiance and mood needed to promote inner balance and health.

Carole's Candles Story

Our company began in 1996, when our founder, Carole was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Looking for a way to relax from the treacherous mental and physical effects of chemotherapy, Carole bought a slab of wax, a mold, and a small vile of scent, and created her first candle. The love she had for crafting her own candles soon ignited a passion which would help her along the journey from being a breast cancer patient to becoming a breast cancer survivor.

Carole’s Candles journey, like the journey of cancer survivors, was rocked with many twists and turns.  When our founder was re-diagnosed with cancer in 2001, the business had to go on hold while our founder learned ways to care for her physical health and mental wellbeing.  In the meantime, our company continued to dabble in wax for 10 years until 2011, when her son Tom came on board and helped focus the business towards wholesale distribution and now retail storefronts.

Carole’s Candles is built on the basis that creativity ignites passion, which in turn ignites our will to persevere, survive, and move beyond the hardships we face.  We honor honesty, integrity, reliability, creativity, and individual expression. Our company promise is to provide you, our customer, a quality, one of a kind, unique candle or bath product that not only will accent your home decor, but also stand out as an unique work of artistic expression that will set the mood needed to sit back relax, and unwind from the day’s stresses.

The Philosophy of Helping Others

Carole's Candles is committed as a brand to help others find their path towards wellbeing. Through Fundraising Opportunities, we hope to bring a smile to the face of a million people by achieving whatever fundraising goal they have in mind. This was the commitment our founder made to herself, and the same commitment we make to others. What is Your Charity? What is Your Fundraising Goal? How Can we Help You Reach Your Goals?