Behind every Carole's Candle stands a unique philosophy of craft, handed down through our family and proudly shown in each unique, scented pillar candle, bath-salt, or bath product that leaves our shop. Whether you have enjoyed the scrumptious aromatherapy scents of our traditional, scented pillar candle, have taken a ride on the wild side, and have bought one our specialty Jewel Top, Scented Pillar Candles, or have tried one of our WoodWick Chunk Candles, each candle was made with the idea that when passion, heart, and hard work unite, an unique craft is born. This story was passed on from our Nona, and it stands as the philosophy by which our family owned business operates to this day. 

At Carole's Candles, we take pride in each and every handcrafted product that we develop & sell. We offer an array of candles, candle accessories, bath-salts, & bath soaps. Any product that is in our store, or that we sale to retail locations throughout the United States, will meet the rigorous standards of being hand-crafted, unique, Made in the USA, and is truly as much an expression of artistic craftsmanship as it is a useful everyday product. We take passion in our craft of candle-making and bath salt production, and know that that passion will show in the experience you have with our product, our staff, and our business.  So what is our philosophy?

THiNK OuTSiDe ThE JAR! is the philosophy by which we run our company. This means that each and every employee, like each and every product we sell, is encouraged to bring their unique flare to our brand. Just as each and every person has their own tastes, each and every Candle we make is unique, offering you a centerpiece for conversation that will surely show that you THiNK OuTSiDe ThE JAR! Our happily handcrafted, and Made in the USA product will surely become a focal point of family and friendly conversations. 

Simply Light, Relax, & Enjoy