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High Profit Retention

Your non-profit keeps a minimum of 50% profit for every Carole’s Candles sale, minus the shipping costs (Free Shipping Available SEE Below)

Unlike some other fundraising companies, Carole’s Candles is committed to make your fundraising goal a success. We understand that success is driven through your profitability. By allowing you to keep up 50% and above levels of profit, your group can get the job done quickly and efficiently, co you realize your overall goals. Earn more with a unique, quality product at an attractive price point, faster than ever before!

Uniquely Irresistible Products

Everyone loves scented candles!
Carole’s Candles are unique, one of a kind, and no two are alike. Your charity will benefit from our brand awareness, quality product, and affordable price point. We have a variety of popular scents and color combinations that will make any fundraiser goal a success. Carole’s Candles are truly The World’s Most Unique Scented Pillar Candle!

Quality Ingredients & Aromatherapy Benefits

Simply light, relax, and Enjoy. Carole’s Candles are made of the finest quality ingredients, which makes our products even more appealing to a wider audience.

The real benefits from a Carole’s Candle is in its aromatherapy experience. Each unique, gem top candle provides specific aromatherapy benefits for your customers to experience.

Product Value

Carole’s Candles takes pride in each unique candle that leaves our shop. Our price points are highly competitive, allowing more people to participate in your fundraising efforts. Unit pricing under $10 encourages your customers to purchase multiple products, allowing your group to achieve higher earnings per order.


Your team will love the simplicity of the Carole’s Candles Fundraising Program – We provide a manageable set of six top-selling seasonal candles so you can focus your selling activities; we provide you with beginning to end campaign guides and support materials to keep your fundraising activities on track. If you get lost, just ask our expert support staff and we would be happy to help you.


Free Shipping

Every fundraising order of $2500 or more earns your team free shipping (this will add hundreds of dollars to your bottom line)! Free shipping will not lengthen your delivery schedule. All orders ship the Friday following submission of the final order form.